Honors Ice Cream Social Celebrates High Standards

Honors Ice Cream Social Celebrates High Standards
Posted on 05/04/2017

Honor Students at Clyde-Savannah High School were commended for strong academic performance at its 3rd Quarter Ice Cream Social celebration held the afternoon of Thursday, May 4. In addition to recognizing students holding the highest average in grades 9 – 12, each academic department named one Student of the Quarter. Additionally, students heard words from high-achievers Michael Fowler, Cydney Gromoske, Cassandra Lawson, and Jaydon Rattray.


Students of the Quarter, Q3

Art: Samantha Kalinski

Technology: Keith Hendrix

English/Language Arts: Serenity Hudson

Foreign Language: Cody Lewis

Health: Isaiah Lee

Math: Charles Hyde

Music: Tre Kanaley

Physical Education: James Gill

Science: Virginia Smith

Social Studies: Courtney Bowen


Students with the Highest GPA, Q3

Grade 9: Jack Bastian

Grade 10: Noah Bastedo

Grade 11: Abigail Dapolito

Grade 12: Cassandra Lawson


Student with GPA over 100%, Q3

Noah Bastedo

Cassandra Lawson